Recognising the role and contributions of individuals and/or businesses towards sustainable progress;

Recognizing excellence and encourage positive competition among businesses;

Promoting sustainable innovation, sustainable best practices and excellence in the respective sectors;

Showcasing sustainable achievements by businesses and/or individuals in the Malaysian and global business community;

Encouraging and inspire home-grown businesses to aim for excellence in their products and services;

Inspire local businesses to excel beyond the usual boundaries and promote Malaysia as centre of sustainable business excellence.

Purposes of the Awards Programme

The organiser believe the world will only succeed in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations if we all start to think and work differently. That means a real shift towards meaningful partnerships and collaboration between actors across the industries from governments to NGOs, and big businesses to SME to start-ups. Imagine what we can achieve together.

That’s is why we curated this awards programme to recognise and support brilliant business innovators tackling the planet’s biggest environmental and social challenges, and to help them achieve scale for impact. We know that the world’s problems will only be solved with the ideas and talents of a new generation of leaders and change makers who are challenging business as usual, and who are the future of sustainability. We see a big opportunity to support, inspire, reward and collaborate with them, to help them scale and grow – both as individuals and as enterprises.

There’s more, we want to continue bringing together more entrepreneurs and businesses than ever to collaborate with big businesses – just like us – all under one roof. Imagine what we can achieve together. Intrigued? That is the reason of the existence of the awards programme.